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Snap the picture everyone wants.

Want beautiful pictures?

Flower-themed, Instagrammable rooms


Can’t find the right place to take beautiful pictures?

  • Do you need curated content for your feed?

  • Do you worry you paid for something your kids won’t even like?

  • Is your pet not normally allowed?

  • Did your shoot get rained out?

  • Do you need a place to change outfits?

  • Do you normally have to change locations to get varied content?


We know what it’s like to have to drive around looking for the perfect field or wall for pictures.
— the creators of Flower Vault


Previous Locations 


Now closed.

I went to this cool place to take pictures yesterday, 10/10 recommend.
— Alyssa

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How much?



  • Per person.

  • Kids 10 and under are free with parent.

  • Pets on leash are welcome. $10 pet ticket required.

  • Other guests will share the space with you.

  • Ticket is for 1 hour of self-service photography and fun. Take your own pictures, or bring a photographer (tripods not allowed). Move around the space as you like. Family friendly dress code applies. View FAQ.

  • Non-refundable · Non-rescheduleable


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